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There are tools,
we call them features 😎

Project management

Effortless Project Management: From Start to Finish

Create and manage projects easily. Measure and track KPIs meant for you to never miss a deadline. Capture every detail, big or small.
Tasks and checklists: Break down your projects into small executable pieces to get the work done.
Priority, status, and due date: Be on top of your project deliverables, and know what to pick next.
Project analytics: Birds-eye view of your project’s progress, commercials, workload, and more.
Client Management

Streamlined Client Management: One Platform, One Sanity

Simplify client management with our integrated platform. Organize, track, and nurture relationships in one place. Regain sanity and deliver exceptional client experiences.
Integrated management: Manage your clients along with your projects, associate them with projects.
Business value: Projects completed with a client and the profit you have made.
Nurture relationship: Make decisions for people to work with based on what KPIs you tick with them.

Seamless Team Collaboration: Together, Anywhere

Experience the ease of working together as if you were side by side. Add team members, collaborate, and achieve goals effortlessly, regardless of location.
Assign tasks: Associate members to multiple projects. Manage their progress.
Organize workflow: So that you have a transparent picture of your team’s resources to manage the workload.
Assign permissions: Define the hierarchy of your team by assigning permissions to the team members.
Insights and Forecasts

Data-Driven Insights: See Beyond Numbers

Gain a comprehensive overview of your business with intuitive insights and forecasts. Analyze revenue and profit and loss (P&L) to make informed decisions and drive success.
Revenue and PnL: Your financial health. Compare your revenue or profit goals year-on-year.
Projections: Populate your revenue projections for every month and then analyze the gaps when you exceed or fall short.
Clients and projects: Report card of the clients you have worked with and the type of projects you have been picking.
Manage Finances

Seamless Finance Management: Projects and Beyond

Keep your finances in check without leaving your project management platform. Effortlessly manage and track your finances alongside your projects for streamlined financial control.
Organized finance: Clear picture of your business’s financial growth. Set monthly projections and more.
Project level: Track expenses and pending payments of a project to consolidate your profit and growth.
Account level: Manage your total revenue and profit. Compare against your projections and make informative decisions.

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Teckle helps you manage all stages of projects, from financial administration to clients to tasks, all in one place. Join teckle waitlist or schedule a demo to get more information.
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